I can not take far more of my husband’s obsession


DEAR ABBY: I’ve been married greater than 20 years to a really variety man, however the one factor he can discuss is automobiles and vehicles. They’re actually his solely passion.

He spends most of his free time cleansing, sharpening and speaking about them. He prioritizes them means above me, and has for many of our married life.

I do assume there’s a little bit of OCD occurring right here, however he refuses assist. Now we have been to a number of counselors, however he denies the obsession and we get nowhere.

I’m getting older and I’m unsure I can take far more of this. After we often watch a film, he spends it stating the autos and has no clue what the film is about. Touring was spent stating all of the autos on the highway, not the sights.

He retires quickly and has zero different pursuits. I would like extra in my life, and I’m severely considering being alone can be higher than listening to automobile and truck historical past till my dying day. Please assist.


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